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You won't find more experienced or dedicated mechanics than the ones we have at The Missing Link. We work hard to keep your machine running tight and right. We like nothing more than seeing a machine run and to extract every mile out of each part. Come see us this fall and winter for our Winter Overhaul special and get your bike winterized for half the normal price.

Service Policy

Free estimates. Flat tires fixed on the spot. 30 day guarantee on all work. Complimentary cleaning included with tune ups (This is intended as a light cleaning and not a detail job)


Service Price

Matinee Tune

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Wash, wax, lube, spot true wheels, adjust brakes, adjust derailers, check and tighten critical fasteners, test ride, fine tune.


Feature Film Tune

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Wash, wax, lube, adjust hub bearings, adjust headset bearing, adjust bottom bracket bearing, lube cables, overhaul rear derailer, true wheels, test ride, fine tune.


Director's Cut Tune

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This is the same as our Feature Film but includes tire install, fender install, chain install and cable install. Basically a better value for somebody doing a large job with lots of new parts.


Double Feature Overhaul

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Done mostly in winter during our half price special: Complete disassembly with all bearings overhauled and then proceed with Directors cut.

Derailer Adjustment $20
Brake Adjustment $20
Cable Install upcharge $12
Wheel True $20
Spoke Replacement $40
Fender Install $40
Rack Install $20
Flat Repair $20